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Hershey's Canada X NBA Canada X BGC Cape Breton

91ft x 44ft, 2022

In 2022 I was approached by Mosaic North America to create a mural for the Hershey's collaborative campaign with NBA Canada called "Sweeter Together" which involved refurbishing basketball courts in need - this one was being done for the Whitney Pier Youth Centre, BGC Cape Breton in Sydney and was to be painted directly on the court. I wanted to do something bright and wild for the awesome kids at the Whitney Pier Youth Club and found myself imagining the iconic Reese’s Cup shape as a chocolate peanut butter black hole - pulling in and consuming all the chocolate from the surrounding area - even warping & pulling the mural itself away from the asphalt! Since this was going on the court itself, the illustration also needed to incorporate the actual court markings into the design, which was a fun challenge, and I'm pretty into those half-cup free throw lines. The final illustration was painted directly onto the brand-new asphalt, by the talented team at Kadence World.


This mural project was also a selected winner in the AI42 American Illustration book & exhibition.

Agency: Mosaic North America

Clients: Hershey's Canada, NBA Canada, BGC Cape Breton

Creative Direction: Jason Source & Jef Moore


All photos by Kadence World.

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